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Droid Design Guide

This Android app wraps the Google Android Design Guide in a tablet layout. It was an exercise to learn ActionbarSherlock. The app will run on an Android 2.3 phone, but the web site is not formatted for a small device. It was tested mainly on a Nexus 7.

The app has these features as part of the ActionbarSherlock demo:
  • Icon on Actionbar
  • Overflow item
  • Spinner
  • Up to Home (when in portrait)
  • Setting title and subtitle

The code is open source under an LGPL license and can be downloaded from Github. The app is no longer in the Google Play Store.

This app and Acrylic Goat are not associated with Google in any way. The app uses the Google Android Design Guide which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.  The Google Android Design Guide can be found at