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ScrumNotes is the ultimate Scrum Master Tool
  • Take notes for each developer as they give their updates
  • Write weekly goals for the team and email them out via the app
  • Make notes of announcements or items to park
  • Add events to your calendar for follow up reminders
  • Keep Parking Lot notes and email them to the team
  • View data as a report
  • Export and import data

ScrumNotes was developed for the unique way our team holds Scrum with a mostly remote team. I use it in portrait on a Nexus 7, but it will also work on a phone.

  • Notes are taken as developers give updates so progress can be checked in the next meeting.  Yes, we use Trello, but that does not always tell me what is happening on a specific card.  I select a developer from the list as they give their update.
  • I can quickly view my notes from the previous day by selecting the calendar icon on the main screen.
  • We use weekly goals to stay focused since we have multiple projects in our queue at all times.  This is not a usual part of Scrum/Agile, but it helps our team.
  • Daily notes are for items I want to park or very short announcements I need to make.
  • As developers give their updates, I create events for things I need to talk with them about outside of the meeting.  This puts the item on my calendar so I will not forget.
  • When we have Parking Lot discussions, I take notes and email the decisions we made to our developer list so there is a record of the decisions.
  • Data can be viewed as a report and imported and exported.  This saved me when I switched devices recently.

App icon derived from Sticky Note by Dakirby309.  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0