Stepping Away From Android Development

November 1, 2021

My first Android device, Archos 32

Android development has been a side project of mine since 2011 when I published the first version of the CNX app. My job at the time didn't allow for much development work and I missed doing development. My first Android device, an Archos music player running Android 2.2, inspired me to give it a try. Over the years, I have developed several apps and rewritten the published apps to keep up with changes (fragments, Kotlin, etc.) in Android.

One of the things I've enjoyed most about Android development has been attending conferences. I attended all of the Big Android BBQ conferences except one, 2 trips to Google IO and I attended Android Developers Summit twice. Getting to meet other developers and talk with the Android team at Google was always inspiring.

Now that I do development as the main part of my day job, I'm finding less desire to update and rewrite my apps to keep up with changes both required and needed to stay current. Because of this, I have unpublished my 2 apps in the Play store.

Android development is still an interest of mine and someday, I might return to developing apps. However, until further notice, I'm stepping away from Android development.